15 July 2011

A Tisket a Tasket Filling the Picnic Basket

It has been a beautiful week here in Muskoka, full of sun and hot temperatures. Here in my house we do not have central air conditioning, and some days that is dreadful. Our two window air conditioners have been going fairly non stop and I am dreading our next hydro bill, but the trade off is I can sleep at night and it keeps the migraines somewhat at bay.

The best thing about living in Muskoka is there is water everywhere and often just around the bend. Here in my neck of the woods we have a lovely little beach called Kirby's Beach. This is where Jake and I had our first Muskoka date and it has held a special place for us ever since. In the early days we would plate our dinner and drive over to the beach to eat. When the girls came along it became a bit more of an operation, but we relish our picnic dinners at the beach. This week we prepared a wonderful meal;

mixed greens, baby spinach, strawberries, blueberries, pecans, cucumber...yum!

homemade dressing

grilled chicken and pineapple
Put it all in the picnic basket, packed the car, and away went...Kirby's Beach here we come!

Now we need lots of stuff; toys, suits, floaty things, towels.

the girls always willing! (this is in the garage...it is not night)
ahhh...Lake Muskoka

park before dinner

x's and o's anyone?

our gourmet picnic...yum yum!

daddy and his baby girl

that would be me...a rare okayish pic

Lilah's ready to get wet (Izzy was a bit camera shy today)

brrr...breeze off the lake made it cold getting out of the water

do we have to go home?
And so it is that we are able to cool off on any night we choose, and we choose many...love it!

Btw if you are in Muskoka this weekend stop by the 49th Annual Muskoka Arts and Crafts Summer Show in Annie Williams Park Bracebridge. When you're done and need to cool off stop into the air conditioned gallery; Silver Bridge Gallery  4 Manitoba St. Bracebridge by the falls!

Happy Weekend All!


  1. What a lovely weekend it must have been for you all. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for sharing at BC Good Life Wednesdays.

  2. @abeachcottage:
    Thanks! I love your blog, glad you stopped by! Have a happy day!


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