26 July 2011

One foot in front of the other...

So yesterday I posted about feeling unraveled...and I posted some of my inspirational images...and I am pleased to say it worked, I felt better as the day wore on. Things were crazy busy in the gallery and we ended on a high note. Today I woke up with a new determination.

Today I decided that instead of whining about everything...my wall in particular, I best start the climb over, so I set my alarm and woke early slipped out of the house while everyone was still asleep and stole a hour to myself. I ran to Wilson Falls did some yoga as I looked out over the rushing water of the Muskoka River at the base of the Falls and then ran back...well part of the way, I walked the rest.

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So true that the hardest step is the one out the door. I think particularly as a wife and mother you feel that you should be always available to your loved ones...truth is by not making yourself available to you, you are not really available to anyone else.

I started my journey a little more than 6 months ago and so far have lost 40lbs. I am working towards losing another 30 at least. This next phase seems as though it will be as hard if not harder than the first and I had to wrap my brain around that. I had become complacent and I can't do that. If I want it I have to work for it, and I have never been afraid to work for anything, nor to fight for anything...this time it's me I'm fighting for.

So today I took that step out the front door and it felt great. I will take many more and I will keep anyone who is interested posted on the progress, but for now I start the big climb over the wall that has been holding me back for several weeks now...time to just get over it!

Happy Tuesday...it is looking to be a beautiful day in Muskoka.

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