28 July 2011

Quick Update...

We are about to head into possibly our busiest weekend of the year in the gallery so I thought I would do a quick blog with some updates on blogs past;

Okay so the Laundry room has been cleaned out, thanks to my husband...bless his heart he is the best...so now when I can wrangle my dad we can set about starting that project...woohoo!

My beautiful cousin is home from the hospital and feeling better. Still a long way to go for her recovery but at least she is home with her boys and it looks as if she is truly on the mend this time...fingers crossed for her and her family <3

I was not wrong in my disappointment at the multi million dollar cottage design....further 'after' photos confirmed this. Sadly the mark was missed on this one and as a designer it is slightly irksome that another design firm could go so clearly wrong. In my opinion it degrades the role of the designer which can be a very important one. C'est la vie.

I found a new area rug for the living room...my lovely friend Christine from Your Home Interiors in Bracebridge has a beautiful line called 'Better than Sisal'. It is on order and I am excited as the rug we currently have underfoot is in a terrible state. It is not the striped rug of my dreams, but with the little ones, I decided to go for something stain resistant, and stain hiding...for now.

I also added some beautiful antique ceramic pulls to my kitchen cupboards in a teal colour...loving them, and I picked them up for a good deal at Simply Cottage, one of may favorite places to wander here in my fair town.

Speaking of my town...check back soon when I take you on a tour of some of my fav places.

That's it for now...
Have beautiful weekend all!

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