22 July 2011

Dog Days of Summer

So we have been having a heat wave here, and though I live in the land of lakes, rocks and trees, not shade nor water has done much to provide protracted relief from the soaring temps. We should not complain but the humidity of our summers can be as unbearable as the windchill of our winters, worse even if you ask me. The way I see it, when you are cold you can always put something more on; more clothing, more blankets, an extra duvet, but when you are hot, there is only so much you can take off before you are down to the nitty gritty and who wants to see that? So yes I would rather be cold than hot, and in turn that means I am going to complain about the heat.

The thing is this heat has rendered me uninterested in doing much of anything. It is draining and uncomfortable to be standing still and the sweat still drips down your back...but alas it looks as if there is an end in sight so for that I can be thankful.

Perhaps when the temperatures return to some degree of normal, I will feel like setting to work on the laundry room, finally finish the shoe rack for the front hall, and maybe just maybe get back to that thing known as exercise that I so desperately need to do in order to continue on my weight loss journey.

But for now I sit here in the quiet on the eve of the weekend with three fans blowing on me from every possible direction searching for more inspiration for the parts of my home that still need some love and attention.

like my bathrooms

and the area rug in the living room

refinishing the living room floor

and of course the laundry room

then there is the task of adding all the pretty things
all images via Pinterest

I will be happy when it cools off just a little. Until then stay cool and have a happy weekend my friends!


  1. That's quite the heatwave for Muskoka! Our place there was always so surrounded with trees that it did help to keep the sun from really beating down on it, but it would feel sticky nonetheless. Hopefully it's over soon so you can enjoy some summer (it's always over too quickly).
    Here in Dubai it's 44C everyday and with humidity it's around 49C so it's all indoor stuff/malls right now. Luckily there's AC, except in the parking garages which are just gross. I can't wait for fall/winter when temps will be around the 26-28C range! stay cool :)

  2. I suppose I shouldn't complain then when you are in the heat you are in...you stay cool too! Love your blog btw ;)


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