8 July 2011


I'm a clean eater now, so I don't eat out very often, but there was a time when my husband and I considered ourselves foodies. Really we still are, but now we prepare the food ourselves (and by ourselves I mean him- he prepares the food), but I just read one of my fav blogs Life Begins at Thirty (which it does btw) about her girls night out to a new restaurant in Toronto,and it got me thinking back to the days when we would rhyme off our list of fav places and pick one to visit depending on what we fancied (and could afford).

We were lucky, Jake used to work as a reporter and then editor for one of our local specialty news publications. As such he used to be assigned (and then as editor did the assigning) dining reviews. Well who wants to go to a nice restaurant all by themselves, so I would oblige and go along...twist my arm. And so it is that Jake and I have dined at some of the finest restaurants in Muskoka. Some are good for the food, some are good for the atmosphere, some are better for their location and some for their decor, but I cannot remember any where the food was not good.

One of our favourites was Moon River Lookout in Bala not far from (possibly next to) The Kee. Here we were treated to a tasting where the chef prepared tasting portions of many of his menu items for us to try. These were some of the best bites of food I have ever had.  On top of great food, it is a wonderful spot that overlooks the Moon River and if you are there at the right time has wonderful sunsets.

Another of our more unique experiences was dining at Bartlett Lodge. The food again was wonderful, and the atmosphere and decor rustic, but the whole evening began by driving into Algonquin Park, finding our way to their dock, and calling for a boat to pick us up to take us to the lodge. At dinner we were seated  behind a father and his young daughter who were leaving the lodge to go camping. The daughter spent the evening grilling her father about the likelihood that they might cross paths with a bear. You could tell she was excited and anxious all rolled into one going on this adventure. It was sweet to hear the dad try his best to allay her fears...though I'm not sure she was ever convinced. The meal ended with the chef bringing some homemade chocolate truffles to the table, they were divine. And then there was the moonlit boat ride back.

Not all of our dining adventures have been for reviews; we had a wonderful celebratory meal at One Fifty Five in our fair town of Bracebridge, and our favourite spot is quite literally a hole in the wall at the top of Chancery Lane in town called The Griffin GastroPub. Excellent beer (my husband is a beer snob) and wonderful seasonal and local food offerings...the Lentil Burger is amazing! And if you are visiting our lovely neck of the woods you have to have a Marty's Butter Tart and visit Signature's Eatery for one of  Mary's amazing sandwiches prepared on one of her homemade pretzel buns. Then come visit me at the gallery we are across from Marty and down from Mary ;) Oh and if you like sushi you must visit Wabora...OMG!


That was a nice run down memory lane...now I'm hungry...are butter tarts clean? Happy Weekend!

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