22 December 2011

Quite simply...Merry Christmas

I woke early this morning and whilst lying in bed trying to fall back asleep and having no luck I thought about you... this blog, and anyone who stops by to check it out. That led to thinking about this post...which led to more not being able to sleep which led to me sneaking out of bed and turning on the laptop and now here I sit...

We are but a couple of days and a handful of hours away from the big day. For me I have been in Christmas mode for what seems like months, and so it is that about this time I feel totally void of any excitement...no worries though, it will return, just not until the last minute.

Here in my little corner of Muskoka, it has been raining...yes raining...ugh. Rain means mild temperatures, which at any other time of the year I would welcome, but I love me a white Christmas, which does not seem to be in the cards this year for us...oh well fingers crossed for some un-forecasted cooler temps to give us just a dusting in time for the big guy!

So I thought I chat a little about Christmas traditions and what my family does that is special to us at this time of year. As I said before my family growing up was not a stickler for tradition, Christmas unfolded in it's own way each year; the tree, the location, the host. The mainstays were always waking super early to see what Santa had placed under our tree and the opening of presents before the sun rose...or at least before breakfast, and the meal with extended family later in the day. Whomever hosted would lay all their gifts out on their beds to show to the rest of the family...It was always exciting when it was our turn.

And then I met my husband and the tradition of Christmas for us changed. He had traditions that he felt very strongly about continuing with our new family. The biggest change my Christmas traditions have undergone is the timing of the opening of the presents...We still wake early to see what Santa placed under the tree, but the rest of the presents are not opened until after dinner...yup after dinner. Now in fairness dinner happens early afternoon (3ish) but the anticipation builds...and therein is the point I suppose. It really is the best of both worlds...the immediate wow of the Santa gifts,and the ability to play with those things all day, but still more to look forward to after the big meal. I'm not gonna lie, it has taken some getting used to and my family still thinks it is crazy but I like the flow of the day, and the little extension of Christmas Day excitement.

What are your Christmas traditions? Have they changed since childhood? How have marriage and children affected how your Christmas plays out?

Wishing each of you the Merriest of Christmases, and the best in the year to come.
From my family to yours Happy Holidays!

16 December 2011

In my household of late...

Good Day everyone in blogland...oh how I am missing you. I have tried to keep abreast of what is going on out there, comment when I can but time is tight these days as many of you well know, and some things just fall to the bottom of the imaginary list...not today!

I downloaded some pictures off my camera this morning and thought I would share all that has been happening in our household of late.

The tree is up and trimmed. This is my favorite thing to do getting ready for the season ahead. Nothing starts until the tree is up for me. My husband tries to hold me off as long as he can, but this year he did a wonderful thing and surprised me with a tree... Or he would have, had I not looked at the bank account and noticed a transaction that did not make sense. Still it was a nice surprise that I totally needed. More important...he knew I needed it. I could love him for that alone.

Last week I came home to find this wonderful craft that my daughter made at school, it is her handprint on a glass ball with the fingers made into little snowmen (I'm sure you've all seen versions of this on pinterest) but it was so nice to receive it along with it's little poem about how fast she will grow up...not gonna lie, I cried...yup it was a nice gift to receive and hang on our tree.

 My tree is steeped in tradition and memory. My family growing up was not big on following the same traditions each year, there was never a right way or a wrong way to do Christmas, but the one thing we always had were our ornaments. The same ones went up every year, I always had my favorites, and I still do today. the ornaments have been passed to me, and for that I am thankful. Each year I realise just how much these simple little things mean to me. I am not one to hold onto things for sentiment, so these things that I pack away every January and dig out every December bring me great joy.

Another thing I try to do each year is to build a Gingerbread house. One year I even made my own gingerbread...only one year because ugh that was a chore, and a frustration to beat all frustrations...so now as un inspired as it is, I buy a kit. The girls and I did this one day last week, it was fun, they enjoyed and I let them...meaning I did not take over too much, try too hard to control the outcome wanting perfection, these moments were perfection enough...

A self portrait by Isobel...I couldn't resist :o)
So this is what has been up in my neck of the woods in my moments at home with the girls...the rest of the time I have been in the gallery where I am happy to report that people are shopping local and buying handmade.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to each of you!
2 Days until my big girl comes home...
2 More Saturdays to shop...
10 Days until the big day...

11 December 2011

A moment to breathe....

Well the Christmas season is well underway and I am happy to report that people seem to to be getting the message to shop local, or buy handmade...and of course at my gallery they can do both! We have been as busy in the last two weeks as we are at the height of the summer season when our population swells with cottagers. We couldn't be more happy, and thankful.

Running a retail gallery open seven days a week makes it a bit hard to get our own shopping done, but we are almost complete. I just have my husband left to do, and he is proving to be a tricky one...here's hoping I come up with something in time. Regardless the Christmas spirit has enveloped me and with the tree up and the house decorated I feel that warm fuzzy inside.

Today we embark on the gingerbread house...we will see how it turns out at the hands of a 2-1/2 year old and a  4 year old...should be fun. Ours won't look anything like this, but isn't it amazing!

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead and remember there are only 2 more Saturdays until Christmas...and one of them is Christmas Eve...how exciting!

I will leave you with a few of my holiday pins from my Pinterest...yes I am addicted  :o)

3 December 2011

Been awhile...

So the number one rule about developing a loyal blog readership is to post regularly...big old fail on my part I'm afraid...and I don't think it will get much better as Christmas approaches.

I will post when I can, but things are getting crazy here right now, and I need them to be so, because in the new year things go quiet in my neck of the woods...so I will return more regularly then, and until then I will post as often as I can in the hopes that I will not lose on of the 8 followers I currently have and/or alienate anyone who checks me out regularly.

Today some things I love via my Pinterest

Happy December all! See you when I can...please don't forget me ;)