23 June 2012

Oh Hey!

Wow! It has been over a month since my last post and in a strange and totally unplanned twist it was a year ago today I started this here blog. It has been a busy year with lots of change, a few ups and downs, lots of love and a whole lotta laughter.

My oldest daughter has graduated college and is currently living back at home but for how long no one knows. My middle daughter is just finishing junior kindergarten and has not quite come to understand that school finishes next week for the summer, and my baby turned three.

I have been busy at the gallery with clients, artists and growing the business. I have begun doing freelance CAD work for various professionals, done a couple of home staging jobs, expanded my business into another community in partnership with a designer there, and am knee deep in committee work helping to build our community's new brand and loving it. I have also been doing some speaking engagements on customer service and sales to some emerging artists and entrepreneurs. I have been a busy busy bee.

I have thought a lot about this here old blog (I can say that now that it's a year old) and where I want it to go what I want to use it for, and how. Do I have that all figured out just yet, not really, but as time progresses more and more reveals itself to me. For the moment I am happy in my life and where it is taking me and when I can, I will stop by to give you all an update or to give my two cents on whatever meets my fancy.

I haven't even really been on pinterest much lately...that is how busy I have been. But I did find this today and thought it rather appropriate...something we as women need to remember.

original source and via House of Fifty Mag on pinterest
Also my lovely daughter has started a blog as well...and if I do say so myself she's pretty darn good. check her out here at Cait- Off the Beaten Path.

I thinks that's all for my one year anniversary post...which once again was just a fluke that I happened to log on and happened to decide to post and it happened to be the exact one year today...too funny...and perhaps a bit of a sign...no?