20 July 2011

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Back in late June my cousin had a beautiful baby boy. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to spend the day looking after him effectively giving me my baby fix for the time being. Sadly my cousin has faced some life threatening health issues since giving birth to her second son and has been in and out of the hospital (more in than out). My heart has been breaking for this family in this time of crisis, and when we got the call that she was back in the hospital I was devastated for them.

During her previous 13 day stay I was desperate to do something to help the family and on several occasions imparted this to my aunt (via my mom) who said not to worry and stay home, come when she is home and settled. She did come home and it appeared that she was on the uphill climb towards health but she suffered a major setback the other night and had to be taken into Emergency. Learning of this yesterday morning I felt compelled to do something. Now I am not a doctor and I can't make her well...though in my opinion the doctors are not doing a very good job of that themselves, but I can ohhh and ahhh over a new baby and hold him and feed him and love him and give him my undivided attention while his gramma, my aunt (who has been his primary care giver since he was a week old) took some much needed time sans baby to be at the hospital with her daughter. So this is exactly what we did, my mom and I.

Yesterday morning we called my aunt and told her we were on our way...she said not to come but we told her that was not an option. Mom and I drove the two hours to my cousin's home, scooped that baby up and sent my aunt on her way. It was a small thing, and I wish so much it could have been more, but it gave my aunt the afternoon to focus solely on her daughter and her well being, not having to worry about the baby's next feeding or changing the next dirty diaper.

a beautiful baby boy

My cousin's health is still in a questionable state which pains me greatly. I can only hope that her doctors have it figured out this time and that she can soon be well enough to bond with her new baby and reconnect with her 2-1/2 year old son. Anyone who is a parent out there can empathize with the heartache it is causing all concerned that she cannot be with, nor care for her family at this time. Her family has been amazing; Her husband is a rock amid these rushing waters; Her mother is putting on a brave face and caring for her newborn amid all of the uncertainty; Her Husband's mother is caring for the toddler and trying to keep his routine as normal as possible.

What my mom and I did was a tiny tiny thing but we hope that it helped if only for one afternoon ease a little bit of the burden. When we can we will do it again, though we hope that it will not be necessary (as in we hope she will be better very soon)

We hope and pray for health to return to this family and that in time they can heal the emotional scars that will have come along with such trauma.


  1. How heartbreaking! I know that your gesture means so much to them - it's always what seems so little to you that is so big to the people faced with this situation. My prayers go out to them and I hope she's back home soon with her dear little ones xo

  2. Thanks for the prayers Lisa.

  3. Oh dear, what a very worrying situation. Darling baby boy and a terrible time for her and her family. She must be worried sick. I hope they are able to help her and get her on the mend. We never know what or when life will deal us something. Prayers from me too.

    xo terri


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