7 July 2011

The Ugly Truth

You know when you have a space that you don't particularly like, you tend not to care about how it looks...well I have one of those spaces...my laundry room. It is not that I don't care, it is just simply that it is so ugly what does it matter if it gets just a little uglier. It has become the dumping ground for anything we can't fit elsewhere but think for some reason we can't throw out (and by we, I mostly mean me).

Our laundry room is actually one of the nicest spaces in our house and if I had an infinite budget I would demo the whole main floor so that I could work the kitchen into this corner of the house. It has North and East facing windows and so it is just bathed in light. But alas it cannot be my kitchen at this time and so a laundry room reno is in the cards for this summer.

This is an awkward space that needs to accommodate storage as well as laundry, and with the bathroom tucked into one corner, it is a public space used by our guests when we have time to have them. I want the space to be ubber organized and functional so I plan on moving the washer and dryer into the space that currently houses the laundry sink (under all the crap )
so embarrassed but this is the reality I hide behind the curtain...
the curtain
Then in the opposite corner along the wall where the washer and dryer currently sit I want floor to ceiling open shelving for laundry baskets, cleaning products, and kitchen appliances I don't have room for in the kitchen (which you walk through to get to the laundry). Open shelving with baskets (oh I love me a basket or two) will be easily accessible (i.e. easy enough for people to return items to...sooo much easier than opening a drawer or door)
Everything will get a nice coat of paint. I'm thinking white, but I have a can of turquoise I chickened out on in the living room that might be nice as an accent. While we are at it, the bathroom will get a face lift as well.

Here we will continue with the beadboard wainscoting (used in the kitchen) to cover the ugly tile, new mirror, new pedestal sink (which I've had for more than a year), and new (non-fluorescent tube) lighting.
It is a big job, but thankfully my dad is the handyman in these parts and he is about to semi retire, so lucky me that he lives in my basement,and that my mom wants him to stay busy...I can certainly accommodate. We have secretly been compiling a daddy do list for months....sorry dad no rest for the weary ;)

Anyhooo, maybe someday soon I'll share some of my inspiration images, but for now I'll leave you feeling sorry for me and my ugly truth, and I'll hope you don't judge me for my mess behind the curtain.

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