26 March 2012

I'm Back...

Hello all! How've you been? I am here 4 days post op...home and doing well. Struggling to sleep comfortably, but with the ability and expectation to nap during the day it's all good.

I wasn't sure when or what I was going to post when I got back to it, so I spent some early morning hours thinking about it, and settled on sharing some of the things I missed on Pinterest while I was out of the loop...
The biggest thing is that they have adjusted their terms of service which I am happy to report. Not gonna lie, I was worried I would have to leave this shangrila and thrilled that the powers that be listened to the concerns of their users and worked to allay their fears.

As I scanned recent pins this morning I came across this pin from Rue Magazine

via my pinterest, original source
This chair would be of such comfort to me right now...absolute perfection...I love it in white!

Then there was this beauty from ModCloth

via my pinterest, original source
I am down ten pounds since the day I went in for surgery...crazy, but soon enough I might like to try out this sweet vintage vibe for myself.

And finally...some words of wisdom to leave you with...
via my pinterest, original source

Happy Monday all...enjoy the beauty of each day...but most importantly the day that is before you!


  1. Hey Jo, I'm glad your surgery went well and that you're on the mend. Make sure you take it easy and get enough rest... it will be fun to catch up on all your blogs and skulk around on pinterest for a while! xo

  2. Take care of yourself!

    I hope its a smooth recovery

  3. Glad you're home and on the road....rest up, relax and enjoy the reading. LOL

  4. So glad to hear you're on the mend! Hope you're back to your old self in no time.
    That chair is fab - I saw it in a shop here and practically drooled on it - love it in white - and it would satisfy that neverending request from my guy for a recliner! what is it with guys and recliners?? xo


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