15 March 2012

What I've been up to...

So time is ticking along here and it is now one week to my surgery. I have been busy trying to get everything organized at the gallery for my absence. Bookkeeping up to date...filing done...and a new and exciting venture (more on that at some point in the future) organized and running before I vacate for a while.

On the home front I am feeling a little lost without a project on the go, but am loving the revamped laundry and bathroom. If you missed the reveal you can see it here.

On the blog front I have discovered a few new blogs that I am crushing over. I happened upon Heather Bullard Lifestyle Blog I think while I was checking link backs on my pinterest. I fell head over heels for her beautiful photography, and was excited to learn of her new online magazine Souvenir going live next week.

One only has to look at some of the images on her blog to know that the magazine will be divine.

See for yourself;



I then hopped over to the Souvenir Facebook page to check out some of the contributors and found a host of other bloggers sooo worthy of following...my blog roll is almost getting too much to manage but I cannot stop myself.

Happy Thursday all...and if I miss you tomorrow have a glorious weekend...supposed to be stunning up here in Muskoka...can't wait!

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