30 March 2012

Friday fancies...

So a week has passed already...time flies...hope the pace keeps up or I'm gonna get bored.
Today I thought I'd share a favorite space in my home...
Every day I pass by a corner of my home that I love, it sits atop the stairs, houses an old armchair and a bookcase I picked up long long ago when I was a single gal on my own. I love this bookcase...I always have, I always will.

As you can see it is not styled, the books are just forced onto the shelf however they happen to fit. The top is full of family photo's and little treasures are found on each shelf...maybe this is why I love it. The chair was bought from Habitat for Humanity's Re-Store here in Muskoka (honestly the best you will find...it is worth traveling for) the fabric is so bad it's good. I nursed my youngest in this chair during her late night feedings. This is the chair I curl up in when I cannot sleep and the chair I read to Isobel in when we have to put Lilah to bed before her (they share a room). My two cats curl up here at night and sleep together, and I often perch on the arm of this chair to peruse the bookcase for a good read.

This corner is one of my favorite spaces in my home. It is not designed, nor styled, but a reflection of how we live, and the things we love. I hope you have a space in your home that you love as much I do this.

Happy Friday All!

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