5 March 2012

And finally...the reveal!

So...after a long journey the bathroom and laundry room are complete.

First I have to say thanks to my dad. The usual deal is that he does the construction and I do the finishing, however with all that has been happening round here, he did it all from start to finish. He hates all that finicky fluffy stuff, and he hunkered down and did it for me. He wallpapered, he sanded, he painted, he even hung pictures...bless his heart...I am one lucky girl and I cannot thank him enough...it looks great!

Just in case you forgot just how bad this space was, below is a quick before,or you can have a look at the original post here,

And this is what the laundry room looks like now....wait for it....

So a recap of what happened here. There was an old laundry sink that went wall to wall where the washer and dryer now sit, and the washer and dryer were along the wall where the shelves are now. It made for a very awkward space and the sink area ended up being unusable space that just collected all the crap that  a household can create.

We removed the sink and relocated the washer and dryer to this corner...they just fit...as in perfectly, as if it was meant to be.

 I needed to accommodate for proper storage, so we put up adjustable open shelving, which works well for storage of cleaning supplies, as well as a place for us to store all our small appliances, and the every day tools. I chose open storage because I know how we live and if we had closed storage nothing would get put away :o)

I am really happy with how it turned out.

Now the bathroom...first the before shot...
Ugly tile, a blush colour sink, wall to wall mirror and a lovely fluorescent tube light.

And now it looks like this...

Here we (and by we I mean my husband and father) removed the ugly tile and put up bead board panel. A coat of a deep turquoise I had kicking around, a new sink we bought more than a year ago, a few other accessories and voila! A marked improvement I would say.

So there you have it...two steps closer to being done this house...don't ask how many more...too many to count.

Happy Monday all!


  1. Looks so great Toaderella... I mean Jo...
    I love the wallpaper in the laundry - so sophisticated. And the bathroom looks simple and pretty now. Great reveal!

  2. wow - they both look great! That washer and dryer look like they were made for that spot and with the wallpaper, it makes it such a pretty room. Love the turquoise in the bathroom and you can never go wrong with beadboard! If you're anything like me, you've probably been going into both spaces and just standing there admiring them! :)

  3. Pretty darn amazing!
    We have open shelves for the same reason!

  4. Jo - these are fantastic transformations! I love you laundry room, it mast be such a treat to go in there now.. You need bigger pics to really show off your stuff - I'd love to pin a before and after pic - x


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