7 March 2012

Make him famous...

I was going to do my semi regular Wednesday post where I share where I have been in blogland, but something much more important came my way today;

I always wanted to be someone who changed the world. Did you?

I always dreamt about making a big difference to the bigger picture. Did You?

My change to the world has been in raising smart compassionate, caring, powerful young women, but every now and again something comes along that raises the stakes just a little, compels you into action however big or small, and the video I am attaching has done just that.

A video that will take less than 30 minutes of your time, but has the power to change the world, by harnessing the power that social media can provide...one united voice. A voice so strong and so powerful that all the world can hear, with a message so provocative that all the world will see...and a call to action so clear that all the world can act.

My question to you is what will you do? Will you be compelled to act...how will you act? My first act is to share, to use every social media device at my disposal to spread this message. To make Joseph Kony famous so he may be held accountable for his atrocities...wonder what I'm on about...sit back, take a half hour and watch the video...I bet it will move you!

Blog, Facebook, Tweet, Pin...make him famous...together we have such power.

Update...there are many a naysayer on this topic, but from where I sit this is the truth, Joseph Kony is responsible for these atrocities. He continues to reign terror on the children of Africa. These children have no voice, no choice and no advocates. He must be stopped. Whether you choose to financially support the Invisible Children organization or not is not the point. Awareness of this individual and his crimes is the point...and sharing the message costs nothing.

Love and kindness to all!
Happy Wednesday.

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  1. This is HUGE on FB right now...I pledged and have spread the word. Frightening this.


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