5 March 2014

And we are off....

Life is a series of journeys and here I go again, and I couldn't be happier.

Yesterday was the first day in longer than I can remember that I felt good, really honestly inside and out, mind and body good! I had just come out the other side of a weekend of mysterious fevers, chills, the most extreme exhaustion I have ever felt topped off by a very sudden and very atypical type of migraine that totally took me by surprise. So to wake up yesterday feeling fantastic was wonderful.

Last year was a doosie and the first part of this one has been chock full of change, all of it good, some of it hard fought for. All irrelevant in as much as life is now on the right path for us and I am feeling immeasurably lighter of spirit. And so this bring me to the reason for this post...

Anyone who has read my blog before or who knows me personally knows my weight has always been a source of struggle for me. Now I know a few posts back I swore off the scale and swore that I would be happy the way I am...and I have come a long way to achieving that goal, BUT, my reality is such that I cannot let my guard down and that is what has happened as a result of the aforementioned post. Weight has crept back up to a point that I am uncomfortable with and to a point that clothes are no longer fitting as they should. So here I am starting again and it seems fitting really with the way I feel  that I should give my body the opportunity to feel good and healthy again.

I am not putting an end number on this, but I am putting a starting goal of losing 20lbs in the next few months. I am aiming for about 2 pounds per week which is healthy and aiming to get back to regular exercise with the goal of being able to run again by the time spring finally takes hold here. So... Here I go!

Join me if you like. I will try to check back here with my progress and efforts, and am counting on people holding me accountable...a mission that is yours if you choose to accept it.

Trying to get back to here...
Here's to being off and running again!!!

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