3 April 2012


Today I read two blog posts over at Huffington Post. Both were on the same topic...a 7 year old who has identified himself as gay. Both were written by his parents, one his mother, one his father. Both were wonderful.

Amelia writes about the first time her son verbally identified himself as gay and the moments since. It is an eloquent account of how she is managing this realization and it's early onset. She talks about how she and her husband are simply accepting that this a part of their son just as his love for Lego is a part of his seven year old self. Amelia's husband Dave has written a blog post in response to many comments to Amelia inquiring about how he is reacting to his 7 year old sons revelation. Dave is also eloquent, understanding and non-judgmental. He says "I don't see how a father, or any parent, can look at their son, the one they've loved since before the child was even born, and upon hearing him say, "Dad, I'm gay," turn their back on him."

I had to share these posts because Amelia and Dave are parenting role models. Regardless of whether you believe a 7 year old is capable of identifying his or her sexual orientation, the heart of the matter is showing your children love and respect and acceptance.

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Thank you Dave and Amelia! Loving the children in your life is the easiest and most rewarding thing in life.

Happy Tuesday all!

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  1. Great post. I think often reactions to big news like that are affected by what other people will think and say and less about how you actually feel about it yourself. If only all parents could take the news so well.


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