23 February 2012

Oh Hey!

Hey all...

I am still unplugged sort of, taking some time away to be in the real world, but I've been popping in now and again to see what's up.

I will try to get you some photo's of the laundry room as it is pretty much complete (and it looks fabulous!), but have been waiting for the bathroom to be done. I have not been well and am struggling to complete it. Fingers crossed I can check it off the list soon.
The date for surgery has been handed down and it will be the end of March. So until then I will be laying low, taking it easy and things here will probably be sporadic. The blog will probably come to life again during recovery as I will be bored out of my gourd having to sit still. I promise in a future post to share the whole story behind all this, but for right now I am focusing on family and business.

In unplugging I have fallen head over heels into a new book. The author Cathy Kelley weaves a wonderful tale in the book Just Between Us about the trials and tribulations faced by one family, and the struggles to face their realities individually and as a family.

I have also been spending a little bit of time cleaning up my Pinterest boards, and making sure each of my pins correctly links to the original post/website etc. It has be laborious, but oddly calming. It has been interesting to see the common thread woven through the things I post...themes start to emerge and these themes make some things perfectly clear. I love Pinterest for this very reason.

Happy Wednesday all! See ya round!


  1. Nice to hear from you! I've been bad at keeping up with my blog reading...I'm currently completely hooked on pinterest.(I knew that would happen if I started)
    The races were so fantastic, nice to have all the local school kids out to support our team. Emma's best friend is the one I mentioned and we were so proud of her!! They came first...I know how hard they train...so happy for her!
    Just hearing now of your health issue...hopefully you'll be better than ever once you've recovered.
    How about this new dump of snow? :)
    Take Care

  2. Hope you've been enjoying your break and are getting some R&R. I'm trying to avoid Pinterest as I know I'll get sucked in and I'm having a hard enough time keeping up as it is! Thanks for stopping by and take it easy xo


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