1 February 2012

Happy Wednesday!

So it is mid week, and once again I thought I'd share where I visited and commented in blogland today!

First up we have the baby bump update from Janice over at Life Begins at Thirty Right? And in case you missed it earlier in the week Janice shared some super exciting news (second to her pregnancy)...go here to read all about it and be as excitedly jealous as I am.

Christine over at An Eclectic Life is having a design dilemma as she compares her current gallery wall to this one:
from An Eclectic Life via
Pop on over and weigh in with your opinion...I'm sure she'll appreciate the feedback.

Erin at His & Hers never fails to make me smile...and quite often laugh out loud. If you have not checked out her blog, you should! Today she and her hubby created a corny vlog as a precursor to their next home improvement project...do you think you know what they are eluding to?

Lisa Roy of a designer obsessed... is celebrating her 2 Year Blogiversary! YAY! Congrats Lisa!

Any Beach Cottage girls out there? Poor Mrs. BC was bitten by a spider and the sweet Mr. BC posted for her...she is resting and we hope she gets better soon...but her Good Life Wednesdays linky party is still in full swing!

So there you have it, my virtual vacation for the morning...guess I ought to get back to work...good thing I'm my own boss!

Happy Wednesday all...been anywhere interesting today?


  1. Hey thanks for the shout out and for making me a part of your morning xo
    I know, can you believe Janice's news? I would have died if I looked out and saw him approaching my house!

  2. OMG, was Erin's vlog not the funniest thing? She cracks me up. So I"m dying to know and I'll have to go see what Janice's new is. Happy Wednesday!

  3. love these posts.. helps me to catch up on all the good stuff I've messed - x


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