24 January 2012

What to wear...what to wear...

Okay so the appointment has been made and it is not...I repeat not on Friday so off to Blog Podium and IDS 2012 I go!

As I said yesterday I am nervous and excited all rolled into one. Going to this blogger event is the highlight of my week...no lie...but I feel a bit of an impostor, a bit like I am infiltrating a group of people who already know each other, and know what they are doing out in blogland. Me with my paltry 11 followers and 10 pageviews a day (if I am lucky), sitting in a room with the likes of Jen from Rambling Renovators (incidentally one of the founders of Blog Podium), and Janice from Life Begins at Thirty Right?... feels a bit surreal. More than being a bit start struck, I am most worried about what to wear. It feels a bit like the first day of school...remember picking that perfect outfit sure that if you dressed just right you'd be guaranteed to have the best year ever...tell me I was not the only one.

Anyhoo...I scrolled through my 'Personal Style' board on Pinterest and have narrowed down my look to the following four options.

Sophisticated yet casual...

Comfortable and casual but pulled together...

Black white and red confidence...

Sleek and sophisticated simplicity...
 I am sneaking away Thursday afternoon to shop for the appropriate attire...which direction would you go?
The outfit has to tick a few boxes...it needs to make me feel good, be comfortable to trek around the city and the Interior Design Show all day, not wrinkle too much as I will be driving for two hours then sitting on the subway all before 9am...and make the right impression to bloggers and designers alike. A lot to accomplish with one little outfit isn't it.

So this is what I am thinking about this week, scanning my own wardrobe, testing all my shoes, and deciding where to shop.

Are you going to Blog Podium, or to the Interior Design Show? What are you wearing?

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. Don't be nervous! Bloggers are a friendly bunch - you'll be with like-minded people. Whatever outfit you choose (I like number 1) make sure you wear comfortable shoes. Your feet will be killing you!

    Unfortunately, I won't be attending but I look forward to reading everyone's recaps!

  2. I'm going too and don't know a soul.. so you're not alone! :)

    See you Friday!

    -gemma (www.thesweetestdigs.com)

  3. I like option 2 and 3 but lean more towards 2 (mainly because I like the shoes). Have fun.

  4. LOVE the black white and red, but also digging the comfy casual (I'm a sucker for a white trench!). Have so much fun!

  5. I like all 4 options, but #3 is my favorite because of the fun pops of red. It's funny, I like to dress in color, but not decorate my house with it so much. Maybe because I only have to wear a colorful outfit for a day, whereas I'm stuck with my house colors forever? :P

    And I totally feel ya on the first day of school thing...I bet you'll have a great time, though! :)

  6. I SO wish I could go! If I were, I would definitely be in outfit #2 - sneakers always, jeans, striped top, scarf... yup that's about me in a nutshell! Have fun!

  7. Hi Jo! We didn't meet this weekend but I wish we had. I haven't attended IDS yet but your take on it sounds like where I would be in all of that. I did go to the Canadian Design Bloggers meetup and yup, felt like either an *imposter* or like the girl with dirty hair in high school. Blogging can be clique-ish, I know how you fell. I'm not strictly about DESIGN either, I'm a lifestyler :) Nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by the Mermaid! I love the Muskokas, we cottage there every summer, you must have lots of inspiration.


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