8 January 2012

Looking back...looking forward

My husband and I were reflecting on the year 2011 the other night as often happens at this time of year. We realized 2011 had been a relativley quiet year for us...certainly in comparison to years past.
We met in 2005.
Bought our first house in 2006.
Had our first baby in 2007.

Bought our second house and got married in 2008.

Had our second baby in 2009

And bought a business in 2010...
So as you can see 2011 was a quiet year where not much happened other than staying the course and sending our little Izzy off to school.

We look forward to another quiet year in 2012 where we stay the course some more, hopefully make some gains and generally remain happy and healthy.

Sorry for being MIA of late, the year end is a busy time, but the inventory is done, and the year end books are almost completed, so hopefully there will be more from me in coming days...particularly a laundry room update!

See you soon!


  1. wow - you certainly have had some major events happening every year! It's nice though to have a quiet year, to settle in. I'm longing for that someday!

  2. You HAVE been busy...thanks for popping by, it means a lot. The next time I head to Bracebridge I am going to come see you at the gallery! You can never have too many friends...(that's one of my mottos :)


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