11 December 2011

A moment to breathe....

Well the Christmas season is well underway and I am happy to report that people seem to to be getting the message to shop local, or buy handmade...and of course at my gallery they can do both! We have been as busy in the last two weeks as we are at the height of the summer season when our population swells with cottagers. We couldn't be more happy, and thankful.

Running a retail gallery open seven days a week makes it a bit hard to get our own shopping done, but we are almost complete. I just have my husband left to do, and he is proving to be a tricky one...here's hoping I come up with something in time. Regardless the Christmas spirit has enveloped me and with the tree up and the house decorated I feel that warm fuzzy inside.

Today we embark on the gingerbread house...we will see how it turns out at the hands of a 2-1/2 year old and a  4 year old...should be fun. Ours won't look anything like this, but isn't it amazing!

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead and remember there are only 2 more Saturdays until Christmas...and one of them is Christmas Eve...how exciting!

I will leave you with a few of my holiday pins from my Pinterest...yes I am addicted  :o)


  1. It is definitely addictive!! I adore the Noel books. Might have to try that simple idea.

  2. Hello and thank your for your loving words...today is a big day for sure...prayers are appreciated. xo
    I am trying to get everything in Huntsville again this year. It isn't hard actually and I get so frustrated with friends who insist on heading south. Also. I have a Pinterest account, but I just haven't gotten "hooked" yet...maybe the chilly months ahead will motivate me.
    Best wishes to you and yours...


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