3 December 2011

Been awhile...

So the number one rule about developing a loyal blog readership is to post regularly...big old fail on my part I'm afraid...and I don't think it will get much better as Christmas approaches.

I will post when I can, but things are getting crazy here right now, and I need them to be so, because in the new year things go quiet in my neck of the woods...so I will return more regularly then, and until then I will post as often as I can in the hopes that I will not lose on of the 8 followers I currently have and/or alienate anyone who checks me out regularly.

Today some things I love via my Pinterest

Happy December all! See you when I can...please don't forget me ;)

1 comment:

  1. Those little mice are so cute! Though I'm guessing the one we heard in our Muskoka attic wasn't quite so cuddly! Enjoy the month and don't fret about posts - it's a crazy time of year and we all need to try to keep our heads above water :)


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