4 November 2011

Happy Weekend...

Well week one comes to a close and it has been a successful one on the whole. Down 4 pounds in total which proves that my body was ready to get a move on again. (if you are wondering what week one is all about check out this post)

It is also week one with my parents gone. For those who do not know, my parents live in an apartment in our basement and my mom is my daycare provider. They have gone on a month long RV trip through the States with friends...that means no daycare for us...so far I have only had to take the girls to the gallery with me once, other than that my husband and I have been able to spell each other off (he has been able to take some time out of his other job), and we have a friend helping us out on Saturdays. That means I get the first whole weekend away from the gallery in almost two years...I'm kinda excited.

A whole weekend away from work means I can turn my attention to some long forgotten projects around the house. I might...and I stress might...attempt slipcovers for my two armchairs in the living room.

These chairs have seen better days...sort of. They have been in my family since I was a young girl. When my parents first aquired them they were orange vinyl...then they were re-upholstered in the fabric you see here. 

Almost a year ago I bought this fabric...  

and I have been working up the courage to use it on these chairs. I think I have decided that I will try slipcovering them myself. I only paid $4/mtr for the fabric so it seems silly to spend over $300 per chair to re-upholster them especially since I am afraid I won't love the pattern for the long haul...so I figure what the heck...I'll try my hand at slipcovering...If I attempt it this weekend, I will be sure to let you in on the outcome...good or bad. In advance of that if anyone has a good slipcover tutorial or has tried it themselves and can share some tips...I'm all ears.

Apart from that I am looking forward to a nice weekend with my girls and not thinking too much about the gallery.

Hope you enjoy your weekend whatever it has in store for you!
Happy Friday!

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