1 November 2011

Halloween wrap up...

I am not a huge fan of Halloween...I never trick or treated when I was a kid, my parents preferred instead to take my brother and I out for dinner and then to the mall where we could pick out something special.

As a mom I find it a bit stressful. Coming up with costume ideas and then feeling the need to make the costumes myself. Having said that, when the costume is done it is a great sense of accomplishment, but it is just one more thing on the ever growing 'to do' list.

This year we opted for easy...still home made, but easy. The girls went as black cats...a far cry from the original purple sponge that Izzy wanted to be and a whole lot easier. I simply made cat ears and a tail that I sewed onto a black shirt, painted the tip of the tail white, painted on the nose and whiskers, and Bob's your uncle, we had kittens!

They had fun, my husband had fun,and I handed out candy. All in all it isn't so bad. Izzy has already informed us she wants to be a puppy next year...we'll see if that one sticks.

I did partake in a few candies despite it being day one (see post here) however day two has me down 1.5 pounds...so it proves that drinking water and exercise makes all the difference in the world...and it proves it is exactly what my body has been waiting for...hence it's quick response. That result won't be everyday, but it is a good start. And as for the candy...well we threw all our leftovers out and only kept two small buckets for the girls...I can steer clear of that.

I hope every one had a great Halloween.
Happy Tuesday!


  1. I love black cats. In the panic of our recent move I tried to convince my daughter to be a black cat AGAIN! Instead she went as an evil nurse and her friend was the dead patient. Not as cute as the black cats in your house:)

  2. Hi Jo

    well it is hitting here with a vengence.

    this year it seemed to be bigger than ever and the shops were choking with goodies.

    I think next year we will get roped into the swing (yuk) thank god I've got a year :)

    have a wonderful day

    loulou, hereiamloulou blog


  3. What adorable little kittens! I went as a black cat a few times when I was a kid - it was my favourite costume. Good for you for the willpower!
    Have a lovely relaxing weekend! :)


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