19 October 2011

How long does itt ake you to get ready?...

So as I was getting ready this morning I was recalling an episode of  Gail Vaz-Oxlade's Princess where the money maven gets a young woman's spending under control.

First of all, I love Gail, she is an amazing financial expert whose approach to money and debt makes so much sense to the lay person...she should be setting up curriculum in high schools that all teens should have to take before graduating...it would save so many from the throes of debt. I digress...as usual

The reason I got to thinking about Princess is because the young woman that was featured the other night was 26, and it took her no less than three to four hours to get ready each day. Now I'm not talking getting ready for a night on the town, I am talking get ready for work, or school. Crazy right?

9 step dark smokey eye tutorial via pinterest ... 9 steps
 Now this morning as I was getting ready I took stock of what that took for me (not including a shower); 1. select clothes, approx 3min. (this sometimes takes 10 minutes itself if I am feeling indecisive)
2. get dressed, approx 1min.
3. fix hair, approx 5min. (it is really short for this very reason)
4. do makeup, approx 2min.
There you have it, 11 minutes to get ready. Is that enough time? Do I really look ready?

via pinterest
 To me I do. I decide to keep my hair short because I have three children two of them quite young still, I run a household, and own a business, I need life to be as easy as possible. I wear makeup, but not a lot. My regime consists of moisturizer, some blush, a nude eye shadow, mascara (I can do without everything else, but I have to have my mascara on), and lip balm...that's it.  Don't get me wrong I can  doll it up nicely when going out on the town, but lets face it, how often does that happen?

How long does it take you to get ready? Would you ever take 4 hours?

Happy Wednesday All!

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  1. Well now that I have a crazy 15 months running around it takes me alot less time than it used to! Ahh short hair would save SO much time


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