15 September 2011

Busy Busy Busy....

Well it has been a bit since my last post and for that I do apologize.

Things have been a bit busy around here of late and I just have not had the chance to compile my thoughts into anything remotely understandable.

The biggest news 'round these parts is that Isobel started junior kindergarten this week.

Isobel Grace age 3-3/4 marched up to her school Tuesday morning fearlessly and with the greatest excitement. It did not matter to her that she is a full head shorter than her peers, she stood with the brightest smile. She looked up at me with wide brown eyes and asked 'can I go stand with the other children mommy?' and off she went. Jake and I hovered for a few moments and then realized that it would be better for us if we left...she was clearly fine. I made it around the corner before the tears came, as in the distance I could hear her roaring with the toy dinosaur she had found to play with.

When Jake and I returned home Lilah was waiting for us and looked at us and said 'my turn?'...poor thing. She is a bit confused by the whole thing, but I think she will come to enjoy her time without her older overbearing sister.

I impressed myself actually; the tears were short lived and I managed to not worry too much throughout the day. I was excited and anxious to go meet her at 3:15 and see how her day went. She was as excited at the end of the day as she had been at it's beginning, but a whole lot more tired...in fact she fell asleep in the stroller on the way home. After her brief nap she was eager to share everything...and I mean everything about her day. It was fun to hear her version of events and to listen to her tell us the same things over and over again because she was just so excited about it all.

I am still a little sad...she is still my baby...a little worried...she is still so tiny...but a lot happy that she is so eagerly going forward.

Hope you've all had a great week and wishing you the best of weekends!

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  1. oh my gosh - how cute is she?? look at that huge smile! :)


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