23 August 2011

Okay...am I missing something?

So lately there has been a buzz in the air about Jenna Lyons and J. Crew. I first read an article in New York Magazine last week, and then in the Toronto Star over the weekend. Now don't get me wrong...love the J. Crew look and clearly Jenna Lyons is haute chic but what has me gobsmacked is the price tag.

Okay so clearly I am not a fashionista...and I know very little about the world of fashion, so much so that I thought J. Crew was a simple catalogue business much like Sears...shows what I know eh? Anyhow after reading all the hype about J.Crew which is set to open it's 5000sq ft. store in Toronto's Yorkdale Shopping centre, I moseyed on over to their website and though I love the look particularly this sweater and these pants
link here

 I cannot fathom in my world being able to spend over $400 on the sweater and then another almost $300 on the pants. I really really wish I could, I lust after these things but my pocket book is more the speed of Old Navy where I can get a whole wardrobe for that amount.

As I write this I think I must sound so simple. Maybe I am. Am I backwards for seeing value in spending this amount of money on art but not on fashion? I would rather spend that on a fab rug for my house or on a new chair, but on one outfit it seems a bit...well...wasted. Now maybe I am wrong...maybe because you spend the money you get the quality that makes these pieces last a lifetime...but then are they timeless? Maybe for someone else, but I don't think timeless and fashion go hand in hand for me. I like change. I like to be able to wear something new every few seasons...not because it is the latest fashion but because as I said, I like change. It makes me feel alive and fresh and as if I am evolving.

Maybe if I ever make it in the blogging world or I am making tons of money and my gallery is bursting at the seams with customers 12 months of the year, maybe then I will understand spending this kind of money, because there sure are a lot of bloggers out there coveting J.Crew and Jenna Lyons in particular, but for now I will stick with my Old Navy wardrobe and be thankful that I can afford even that and the change up it allows every few seasons.

Here is my Old Navy take on the J Crew outfit I loved...all for under $50.

Old Navy Sweater $24.50

Old Navy Pants $20

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  1. I totally get where you're coming from! While I love JCrew and have picked up the odd piece on sale while in NYC, I can't justify the price either. And classics in fashion don't make a lot of sense to me either, because inevitably the cut will change over time and even classics will look outdated. I would also much rather spend it on something for my home that I can enjoy for years to come :)


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