5 August 2011


This has been the name of the game this week...just breathing and putting your head down and getting through. It has been a crazy busy week, and there is no sign of it letting up any time soon. The gallery has been crazy busy with a new show opening last weekend and lots and lots of cottage-goers and tourists.

Painting Summer: New Work by Michael Scott
opened July 29th and continues until August 12th

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law flew in from England this week. It is so nice to have them here.

Now, I am about to head out on the six hour journey (3hrs each way) to pick up my eldest daughter as she just finished moving into her first apartment in the city where she goes to school...she has one more month of work here at home and then I suspect she will be gone for good. With this being her last year of school and seeing as she has found a wonderful little apartment and she has adopted a puppy, I don't think she will be returning to the nest any time soon...I'm dealing.
Meet Chester the puggle
At the same time I am working to prepare my 3-1/2 year old for junior kindergarten...not sure if I am dealing with this one or not, but I'm trying. It was only just yesterday that she was a baby...sigh

Izzy at about 8 months
Trying to fit in exercise and see my husband and well the week has just disappeared.

Hope your week has been a good one and that your weekend finds you happy healthy and having fun!

Cheers all!


  1. Whew!! Yes your right you are busy!! Just try to take a few moments for yourself so you dont go crazy. I hear ya on trying to find time to see your husband and fitting in exercise

  2. how interesting, you have a Gallery? love love your little Chester, he is so cute! and Lizzy is adorable! xoxo

    btw, I have a little jewelry Giveaway over my place if you wanna check it out, and might like to enter!


    Thank you!

  3. Awww, what cute pictures!! Happy Monday!

  4. That is a double whammy...I just had my oldest start preschool this week and it just about broke me...and it's only for two hours a day!!! (c: It really does go by so fast...I'm sure in a few years they will be moving out and I will be wondering where all the time has gone! Hope you have a great weekend!


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