20 August 2011


Is it weird to say that I love bagpipes!

We just had a parade go by on main street in front of the gallery...a parade of all different groups of bagpipers. It was a glorious 15 minutes listening to such a wonderful sound.

I think it all stems from my childhood where we grew up next to a lovely older couple the Webster's. Mr. Webster or Dan as I knew him was a bagpiper and many a Saturday he would be out on his front lawn practicing as children in the neighborhood looked on in fascination. I loved the sound then and I love it now...I guess it is just one of those transcendent things that has the ability to take you back to your childhood.

Our Highland Games parade made my day today...and I don't care if anyone thinks it's weird.

Cheers all...happy weekend!

P.S. I will be delivering (pardon the pun) Lilah's pregnancy and birth story Monday. Just so no one thinks I have forgotten my youngest child ;)

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