25 June 2011

Simple Food, Food for Thought

We woke early in this household this morning...before 7am and Jake and I are longing for the day that the girls know what a weekend morning should look like. It is rainy here in Muskoka and I am longing for some sun, there seems to be hope for tomorrow...but will everything dry out enough to play outside..we'll see. The girls have been struck by a monster summer cold so vegging out inside today won't be the worst of things....however I digress

As the girls veg comfortably in front the of the TV watching Super Why (love it btw) I take the opportunity to read a few of my fav blogs. As you will see to the right the first in the list is A Beach Cottage and her post this morning was a day in the life (I'll apologize now if these links do not work as planned). Anyhooo... Sarah's post this morning touched on simplifying life and how she shops for food. Based simply on buying local and organic where possible she is making small changes to simplify this part of her family's life even if only by being more aware. I can relate as we are trying to do that here as well.

This past winter Jake and I decided it was time to make a change in our lives. As Izzy prepares to go off to JK (I trust you'll here more about that as fall approaches...sigh) we started looking closely at ourselves. Both having been overweight most of our adult lives we knew it was time to shift life to ensure our girls a better chance at healthy bodies. Now, I cannot speak for Jake but part of my motivation was not wanting to be the fat mom...and so begins our tale of clean eating.

Since starting in mid February we have both lost just about 40lbs each.... to put that in perspective we often say we have each lost one of our children (actually more now as they are each only 30lbs soaking wet). I started by asking one of my best friends (and a personal trainer) Natalie for help. Nat talked a lot about eating clean and I had no clue what she meant by that...did she wash everything before she ate it? When asked the answer was simple...clean eating is eating whole foods as close to their original state as possible. So, little to no processing...fresh fruit, veg, meats, whole grains healthy proteins. She begged us to pick up a copy of Clean Eating Magazine and the rest as they say is history. We were hooked. We are seriously eating the best food imaginable. We feel fantastic and by nature the way we eat is better for the environment...less processing means less packaging...and fresh foods (and their scraps) mean a huge compost heap. Last night we had Grilled Chicken and Veggie Quesadilla's with tomatillo sauce...yum yum yum! The recipe can be found in this month's Clean Eating Magazine...or email or leave a comment and I'll share.

Now that we are into summer here, our farmers market is up and running and while not huge it does offer us the chance to purchase some local produce which is sooo much nicer. The problem with living in Canada, in that we only have a few months of growing...so getting local fresh produce year round is impossible, and living in Muskoka, the land of lakes rocks and trees there is not much land suitable for farming so finding much variety can be difficult. However living where most come to play it is a trade off I am willing to make.

So this me...before and after (well during really) ... We are thrilled with the food the flavours and how much better we feel.
Thanks for joining me today


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