24 June 2011

My Personal Editor

They say behind every good man is a good woman...in this case the reverse is also true.
My husband Jake is an editor, though not currently. I discovered yesterday (well I already knew) that while you can take the editor away from the editing, you cannot take the need to edit out of the editor.

Being new to the world of blogging I thought well how will anyone find me if I don't tell them about it, so I posted a link to my blog on my Facebook page. My husband appears to have been the first to view the blog and was quick to comment on FB. His comments were not however words of encouragement or congratulations they were edits; it seems I got the saying 'funnier than I'll get out' wrong as it should be 'funnier than all get out'. I had to smile. This is my husband and he has to edit the grocery list because for reasons unknown to both of us I insist on putting an apostrophe in banana's though I know and he always points out, it does not belong there.

Jake is a wonderful funny man who makes me smile even when he's not trying. He is the best dad I know and I am lucky he found me.

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  1. One of the best matches of all times!!


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