27 June 2011

Making a house a home...or trying to

So I'm addicted to Pinterest...there...admitting it is the first step. However I have a really good reason for needing all that inspiration...my house.

We have happened into buying fixer-uppers. Our first house was an adorable 2 bedroom bungalow that needed lots of love a care both inside and out. We spent two years working on it a little bit at a time and after we had Isobel realized that we needed more room for her and for Caitlin who was in her late teens at the time...not exactly ideal to have them sharing a room. We were lucky, we sold at the top of the market and managed to buy our next house (almost three times the size) just as the market was on the downturn...sold high bought low. Again however our budget only allowed another fixer-upper.

Now, almost three years later, we are still fixer-upping. Our house when we bought it was 70's-80's-tastic.

Great bones, but carpet on the walls,

Carpet on the doors,

Brown shag on the stairs...80's wallpaper,

Plus carpeted base boards, and an awful kitchen...

It scared everyone else off, so we were lucky that I could see beyond and my husband could trust me. That, and we were running out of time and other options.

The day after we moved in, Caitlin and I tore up the carpet on the stairs (ewww).

This is what they look like now (though I still want to replace the railing)

My in-laws were visiting from England a month after we moved in, so I quickly set to work on the kitchen. Though we couldn't (and have yet to) afford a complete reno, I went for a quick coat of white paint, new hardware, a new counter top and faucet and last summer tackled the backsplash.

Slowly but surely we are getting there. The carpeted walls and doors are all gone. Most rooms have had a coat of paint, and it is just the bathrooms with their blush and baby blue fixtures that show signs of the house that was. This summer and fall we hope to finally tackle the laundry room and main floor washroom, and if we can get the timing right sand and re-stain the living room floor.

Still lots to do...and maybe some day we will get that kitchen reno we both want...until then we will take it one room at a time.

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  1. The kitchen looks beautiful! You did a really great job :) I think a fixer upper is actually nice since you can do whatever you like to it.

    xo katie elizabeth


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