28 June 2011

I blog therefore I am...

I am so enjoying this world I have only just become a part of.
I have always had lots to say and well...no one to say it to (or who will listen), so sending it out there in the ether that is the interweb is a wonderful thing for me. I am a long ago letter writer who used to put pen to paper when something was bothering me...or pleasuring me. I almost never sent them but I would write them and thereby it was out not in. I can often be heard saying 'better out than in' when referring to sneezes, gas, piggies (our name for the lovely mess that comes from a child's nose) and the like...the same has always held true for me and my inner most thoughts.
Exploring the world of blogs out there has been wonderful, enjoyable, sometimes perplexing, but most of all inspiring. I have been away from my professional world as a designer for many years now as I have been home raising my two young daughters. It has been hard to feel connected to a world I have been so removed from. Gone now are the days when I would wake at 5am to be in the city for 6am wearing killer heels and a fab outfit all to make sure the current project was going according to plan and that we had not missed anything along the way. I loved the pace, the energy, the problem solving, and most of all being creative each and every day. The only problem solving I have done recently is to break up the fight over the fisher price puppy or the argument over who gets to have their bath first (when bathing in the kitchen sink...otherwise they bathe together). What is the point you ask? Well the point is that with this new (to me) world of design blogs I feel a connection to that world I forgot I loved and have missed so much. I feel true inspiration for the first time in what seems like forever and the inspiration is not fleeting, because it comes with each new post...even if the post has nothing to do with design.
So thank you to all the bloggers out there that I am so happy to follow. Thank you Lisa Roy you were the first blog I started reading and in a sense introduced me to so many more. Thanks to Sarah at A Beach Cottage, a world away and so much inspiration. And thanks to the 'Authoress' of  Wind Lost as her most recent post about flowers being the best accessory along with her gorgeous photos (one of them is below) inspired this post.


  1. Great post! We're originally from around your area, but are now in Sask :) Never seen someone blog from back home before though! Your site looks great, I will be back :D

  2. hey there, thanks for the lovely comment on my work at www.allthebuildingsinnewyork.com
    love to have a show of buildings up in canada sometime :-)


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