23 June 2011

Another First

Hi and welcome to my first post on my first blog.
As I start out I cannot tell you what this blog will be about other than it will be about me, who I am, the life I lead, the people in it, and the things I find funny, sad, frustrating, and most importantly beautiful.
I suppose I should tell you a little bit about myself in order for you to determine if you wish to return.
I grew up in a small town and after having lived in a small city while raising my first daughter as a single parent (she is Caitlin and she is now 21) I met and married the love of my life and my best friend Jake and we settled in Bracebridge, the heart Muskoka, Ontario's cottage country. Jake and I have two daughters Isobel 3 and Lilah 2. My mother and father live in an apartment in our basement and this makes life just about perfect, if not much easier. Just over a year ago Jake and I bought a business, an Art Gallery...Silver Bridge Gallery, a wonderful (if I do say so myself) gallery featuring emerging and established artists and artisans from Muskoka and across Canada.
So there you have it...the basics...no real insight into what makes me tick, but that will come later. I love the life we are creating and I love to be surrounded by beautiful people and things. My girls are the lights of my life and funnier than I'll get out. My mom can make anyone smile on the darkest of days and my husband makes my heart happy. I hope you come back to join me in this the journey that is life.

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